As I write this, I’ve accumulated 22 years experience with PageGroup. I first joined Michael Page in 1998 within the Sales and Marketing discipline. I’ve progressed my career, like many at Page from the ground up and in 2006 I was promoted to Managing Director for half of the Michael Page France business and took the responsibility for all of Michael Page France in 2012.

in 2015 I wanted to discover the unknown, and as I was promoted to Senior Managing Director, I moved to Dubai to head our operations for Middle East and Africa.

Learning and adapting to new market specificities in terms of culture, legal environment and business practice has been a great challenge and it keeps on feeding me every day.

Middle East and Africa is such a large and diverse geography. Recruitment is permanently impacted by geopolitics, governmental investment strategies, changes in laws or even commodities and oil prices. Quite different from what I was used to in France!

Managing a business in this fast moving and emerging world requires both a permanent agility and market centricity. Adapting to those market forces on a daily basis is quite exciting and I truly enjoy it.

Seizing an international opportunity is a true chance. If anyone is considering such a move, but a bit uncertain, I would definitely recommend going for it! Now, if you thrive in cold and rain, then MEA might not be the destination for you, but if you like a bit of sun, why not take a chance?